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Advisory information

The role of the advisory group is to offer expertise that can help guide the work and priorities of the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF).

The group aims to bring together individuals who, collectively, have a wide range of expertise, perspectives and involvement within different areas of sport. Their objectives are to raise awareness of the issues women and girls face, and to act as advocates of the Women's Sports Foundation and women's sport.

Terms of reference

  1. To provide strategic level advice to WSF, to enable it to tackle the issues faced by women and girls in sport and to bring about change.
  2. To provide specific policy advice on women and girls in sport, and to recommend action to the WSF.
  3. To advise WSF on new opportunities that emerge through advisory group members' own networks, of where the organisation might play a part, secure funding and influence change.
  4. Where appropriate, to play an active role in time-limited project teams.
  5. To receive quarterly updates on the work of the WSF.
  6. To provide advice and comment on WSF documents, publications and resources before they are published.

As its name suggests, the role of the advisory group is 'advisory' only. The Board of Trustees of the Women's Sports Foundation take ultimate responsibility for decision-making.

The advisory group does not have any authority over the organisation or the staff, and will only make recommendations to be considered by the Board of Trustees.

The WSF Chair will attend and chair the advisory group meetings.

From time to time, as necessary, the group may invite specialist speakers to attend the meetings.

Members of the advisory group

The current members of the advisory group are:

Julie Amies
Guin Batten
Amanda Bennett
Fiona Bevan
Dr Gill Clarke
Barbara Daniels
Tanni Grey-Thompson
Kelly Holmes OBE
Carol Isherwood
Sue Lopez
Sue Mott
Nicola Ponsford
Hope Powell OBE
Dusty Rhodes
Professor Margaret Talbot
Dr Anita White

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