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Report on the 2nd World Conference on Women and Sport

Namibia, 19-22 May 1998

The Second World Conference hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Namibia was attended by 400 delegates from 74 countries.

The UK had 12 delegates, of which three represented the Womens Sports Foundation. These were Tina Dyer-Slade (Chair), Yvonne Barker (Director) and Catherine Hughes (National Development Officer).

The Windhoek Call for Action

The Conference focused on the successes which have been achieved during the last four years following the first World Conference and the endorsement of the Brighton Declaration. Following the Conference delegates endorsed the 'Windhoek Call for Action' which aims to build on the Brighton Declaration, bringing about more positive action to address inequalities and enhance women's development through sport and physical activity.

The Call for Action is addressed to all men and women in those national and international sport organisations, governments, public authorities, development agencies, schools, businesses, educational research institutions, women's organisations, who are responsible for, or who directly influence the conduct, development or promotion of sport, or who are in any way involved in the employment, education, management, training, development or care of girls and women in sport.

In addition to re-affirming the principles of the Brighton Declaration, the Conference delegates called for action in the following areas:

  1. Develop action plans with objectives and targets to implement the principles of the Brighton Declaration, and monitor and report upon their implementation.
  2. Reach out beyond the current boundaries of the sport sector to the global women's equality movement and develop closer partnerships between sport and women's organisations on the one side, and representatives from sectors such as education, youth, health, human rights and employment on the other. Develop strategies that help other sectors obtain their objectives through the medium of sport and at the same time further sport objectives.
  3. Promote and share information about the positive contribution that girls' and women's involvement in sport makes, inter alia, to social, health and economic issues.
  4. Build the capacity of women as leaders and decision-makers and ensure that women play meaningful and visible roles in sport at all levels. Create mechanisms that ensure that young women have a voice in the development of policies and programmes that affect them.
  5. Avert the 'world crisis in physical education' by establishing and strengthening quality physical education programmes as key means for the positive introduction to young girls of the skills and other benefits they can acquire through sport. Further, create policies and mechanisms that ensure progression from school to community-based activity.
  6. Encourage the media to positively portray and significantly cover the breadth, depth, quality and benefits of girls' and women's involvement in sport.
  7. Ensure a safe and supportive environment for girls and women participating in sport at all levels by taking steps to eliminate all forms of harassment and abuse, violence and exploitation, and gender testing.
  8. Ensure that policies and programmes provide opportunities for all girls and women in full recognition of the differences and diversity among them - including such factors as race, ability, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, culture or their status as an indigenous person.
  9. Recognise the importance of governments to sport development and urge them to conduct gender impact analyses and to develop appropriate legislation, public policy and funding that ensures gender equality in all aspects of sport.
  10. Ensure that Official Development Assistance programmes provide equal opportunities for girls' and women's development and recognize the potential of sport to achieve development objectives.
  11. Encourage more women to become researchers in sport, and more research to be undertaken on critical issues relating to women in sport.

Windhoek, Namibia
22 May 1998

Adoption of the Brighton Declaration

The list below consists of over 200 organisation that have notified the International Working Group on Women and Sport that they have adopted or endorsed the Brighton Declaration:

International and Regional Government Organisations:

  • Arab Ministers of Youth and Sport
  • Caribbean Heads of Government
  • Caribbean Ministers of Sport
  • Commonwealth Heads of Government
  • Commonwealth Ministers for Women's Affairs
  • Conference of the Ministers for Youth and Sport of Countries sharing the use of the French language
  • Council of Europe Committee for the Development of Sport
  • European Ministers of Sport
  • European Sports Conference
  • Sports Ministers of Southern Africa (Zone 6)
  • Supreme Council for Sport in Africa

International Multi-Sport Organisations:

  • Commonwealth Games Federation
  • International Olympic Committee
  • International Paralympic Committee

International Physical Education Organisations and Fora:

  • Congreso Panamericano de Educacion Fisica
  • Federation Internationale d'Educatin Physique
  • International Council for Health and Physical Recreation Sport and Dance
  • International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education
  • International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport
  • The World Forum on Physical Activity and Sport

International Sports Federations:

  • European Squash Federation
  • Federation Aeronautique International
  • International Amateur Athletic Federation
  • International Archery Federation
  • International Badminton Federation
  • International Cyclists Union
  • International Federation of Netball Associations
  • International Hockey Federation
  • International Lifesaving Federation
  • International Sailing Federation
  • International Triathlon Union
  • International Weightlifting Federation
  • World Squash Association

International and Regional Women and Sport Groups:

  • Arab Women and Sport Association
  • Asia Women and Sport
  • African Women in Sport Association
  • European Women and Sport Group
  • International Association for Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women
  • WomenSport International

National Organisations:


  • Algeria
    Ministry for Youth and Sport
    Algerian Association for Women's Sport Development
  • Botswana
    National Sports Council
  • Egypt
    Supreme Council for Youth and Sport
    Faculty of PE for Girls, Alexandria University
    Sport Society of Egyptian Women
  • Gambia
    National Olympic Committee
  • Ghana
    Ministry of Youth and Sport
    National Olympic Committee
    Women's Sports association of Ghana
  • Lesotho
    National Olympic Committee
  • Madagascar
    Women and Sport - National Olympic Committee
  • Mauritius
    National Commission on Women and Sport
    16 National Sports Federations
  • Namibia
    Ministry of Youth and Sport
    Ministry of Land, Resettlement and Rehabilitation
    National Olympic Committee
  • Nigeria
    Nigerian Association of Women in Sports
  • Rep of Guinea
    Ministry of Youth and Sport
  • Seychelles
    Seychelles National Olympic Committee
  • South Africa
    Commonwealth Games Association
    Women's Sport Foundation
    National Department of Sport and Recreation
    National Sports Council
  • Swaziland
    Ministry of Home Affairs
    National Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association
    7 National Sports Federations
  • Uganda
    National Olympic Committee
    Uganda Sports Women's Association
  • Zimbabwe
    Sport and Recreation Committee
    National Olympic Committee
    Women in Sport Foundation Zimbabwe


  • Bahrain
    General Organisation for Youth and Sport
  • Chinese Taipei
    National Olympic Committee
  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Sports Development Board
  • Indonesia
    Ministry of Youth and Sport
    Indonesia Sports Committee
    Indonesian Association of Physical Education and Sports for Girls and Women
  • Israel
    Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
  • Japan
    Association of Physical Education for women
  • Malaysia
    Ministry of Youth and Sport
    Women's Sports and Fitness Foundation
  • Philippines
    Philippine Sports Commission
    Women's Sport Foundation
  • Syria
    General Sports Federation


  • Albania
    Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport
    National Olympic Committee
  • Austria
    Department of Sport
  • Bosnia and Herzegovnia
    Sports Association
  • Bulgaria
    National Olympic Committee
  • Croatia
    National Olympic Committee
  • Cyprus
    National Olympic Committee
  • Czech Rep.
    National Olympic Committee
  • England
    English Sports Council
  • Finland
    Ministry of Education
    Ministry of Culture
    Finnish Sports Federation
    National Olympic Committee
  • Germany
    German Sports Confederation
    German Union of Sports and Sciences
  • Greece
    Ministry of Culture
  • Iceland
    Icelandic Sports Federation
  • Ireland
    Ministry of Youth and Sport
  • Lithuania
    PE and Sport Department
    National Olympic Committee
    Lithuanian Women in Sport Association
    Lithuanian Sports Congress
  • Netherlands
    Dutch Catholic Sports Confederation
  • Nth. Ireland
    Sports Council for Northern Ireland
  • Portugal
    Departmento do Desporto
    Democratic Movement of Portuguese Women
  • Romania
    Ministry of Youth and Sport
  • Scotland
    Scottish Sports Council
    Scottish Women in Sport
    Commonwealth Games Council for Scotland
  • Switzerland
    National Olympic Committee
  • Ukraine
    Ministry of Physical Education and Sport
  • United Kingdom
    Department for Culture Media and Sport
    Womens Sports Foundation
    British Olympic Association
    UK Sports Council
    Leisure Studies Association
    25 National Sports Federations

North, Central and South America and the Caribbean:

  • Bahamas
    National Olympic Committee
  • Barbados
    National Olympic Committee
  • Canada
    Department of Heritage
    Sport Canada
    Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport
    Commonwealth Games Association
    Province of Ontario
    Province of British Columbia
    Province of Alberta
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
    National Olympic Committee
  • Mexico
    National Sports Commission
    National Olympic Committee
    Ministry of Sport
  • Trinidad & Tobago
    National Olympic Committee
    Ministry of Youth and Sport
  • USA
    National Association of Girls and Women in Sport
    Olympic Woman Project
    Women's Sport Foundation
    USA Volleyball
    USA Sailing


  • Australia
    Australian Sports Commission
    Sport and Recreation Ministers Council
    Standing Committee on Recreation and Sport
    State and Territory Governments
    National Olympic Committee
    Women's Sports Foundation of Western Australia
    Womensport Australia
  • Cook Islands
    Cook Islands Sports and Olympic Association
  • New Zealand
    Hillary Commission
    National Olympic Committee
  • Papua New Guinea
    Papua New Guinea Sports Commission

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