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Products and services for active members

The following products and services are available to support you in your role as an active member of the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF).

When we receive your order, the items will be sent or emailed to your registration address.


  • Women in Sport - the official newsletter of the Women's Sports Foundation is published quarterly. A copy will be sent to your registration address.
  • Briefing papers - the Women's Sports Foundation regularly responds to consultation documents and develops briefing papers on key issues.
  • Fact files - all fact files can be downloaded free of charge from the website.


  • The Women's Sports Foundation has a range of presentations that we use to raise awareness of key issues and of our organisation. If you are making a presentation on women's sport or on the Women's Sports Foundation, please contact the national office to see what is available.
  • The Women's Sports Foundation promotional leaflet. You can use this leaflet to raise awareness of the WSF at meetings and events.
  • The Women's Sports Foundation exhibition stand. We have a high quality exhibition stand that is available for you to use at events, which gives a snapshot of our work up and down the country. Please contact the national office link to book the stand for your event.

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