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Supporting and becoming involved in our work

The Women's Sports Foundation is a voluntary and membership organisation. If you would like to get more involved in supporting our work there are a number of opportunities available to you.

WSF career opportunities

  • Please see the WSF section of the jobs page.

Become a WSF Supporter: these are individuals or organisations who are interested in and supportive of the work of WSF and wish to subscribe to receive copies of our quarterly magazine and other information/support products. Supporters receive:

  • Quarterly copies of the Women in Sport magazine
  • Access to the full range of WSF resources at discounted prices
  • Information on key events and training opportunities in the world of women's sport
  • Sign posting to all new fact and information sheets available free on our website

To become a WSF supporter: simply subscribe our Women in Sport magazine.

Become a WSF Active Member: these are individuals or organisations who are interested in and want to be involved as a volunteer in the governance of WSF. They are expected to attend AGMS, vote on key issues e.g. trustees and respond to relevant consultations. We currently have a team of over 40 individuals who support our work by actively volunteering their time and expertise in a variety of ways. We recognise that the contributions made by our volunteers are invaluable and we aim to support and develop this work through our volunteer support service. We are currenlty only recruiting for Active Members in certain regional groups if you would like to find out what region has an active regional group then please contact Cathy Hughes . Active Members receive the same benefits package as supporters but will also have access to governance documents. For a breakdown of the different Active Member please go to:

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