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If you are seeking funding or sponshorsip there are a number of different sources of you may be able to access. The information below is not exhaustive as there may be many regional initatives that the WSF is not made aware of. It may therefore be worth contacting your regional Sport England office for more information on regional funding sources.

Is your club, team, school, sport receiving enough money? Do you have a sponsor? One of the best ways to secure sponsorship is to increase your visibility through publicity. For tips about increasing your visibility and more information visit the Sportsmatch website.

Information about how to apply for National Lottery Funds is available by telephoning 0345 649 649.

Awards for All The Millennium Festival 'Awards for All' programme will fund a wide range of groups planning to mark the millennium in a variety of ways, through both new projects and developing existing ones. More info.

The Central Council for Physical Recreation (CCPR) publishes Financing & Sponsorship for Clubs and Individuals which will assist in identifying sources of funding in the local community. Contact CCPR at Francis House, Francis Street, London, SW1P 1DE Tel: .

Sportsmatch is Government funded and was set up to encourage the business sector to invest money in sport at grass roots level. Sportsmatch acts as an incentive by offering to double the pot of money available on a £ for £ matching basis. Any not-for-profit group can apply for amount from £500 up to £50,000. For more information and an application form contact the Sportsmatch office on , E-mail or visit their website

The Sports Aid Foundation (SAF) grant aids elite sportspeople who are of international competition calibre in their sport. Help is given for costs of training, travel and coaching incurred while preparing for competitions. The SAF Charitable Trust offers grants to young people to develop their talents and to sportspeople with a disability. For further information contact the SAF on .

The Foundation for Sport and the Arts give grants to a wide range of projects to sports and arts organisations, information is available by telephoning .

Local Authorities are a significant funder of local sports initiatives. Check with your local authority's department of leisure, recreation or sport to find out what funding resources are available for projects in your area.

Home Country Sports Councils should be contacted for funding sources in Scotland (), Northern Ireland () and Wales ().

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